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1st SingHealth Sarcoma Cadaveric Workshop

The inaugural Sarcoma Surgical Workshop seeks to provide attendees with up-to-date information on surgical approaches and best practices in abdominal and limb sarcomas management, including vascular reconstruction and soft tissue coverage techniques. This comprehensive workshop will bring together world leading surgical experts to educate local and regional surgeons on the principles of surgical resection, including reconstruction, to ensure good oncological and functional outcome.

International Faculty

Organising Committee

Sarcoma and Skin Workshop

* Programme subjected to changes

Day 1:     17 July 2023

  • Left sided retroperitoneal sarcoma resection with distal pancreatectomy/ splenectomy

  • Right sided retroperitoneal sarcoma resection with vascular reconstruction

  • Chest wall resection

  • Iliacus and psoas resection

  • Diaphragm resection and recon

  • Groin dissection

  • Axillary clearance

  • Lat Dorsi tumour

  • Rectus flap and coverage of vessels/interposition*

  • Abdominal wall recon*

*subjected to time availability

Day 2:     18 July 2023

  • Hemipelvectomy - types 1,2,3

  • Proximal femur approach and resection, megaprosthesis

  • Distal femur approach and resection,megaprosthesis

  • Proximal tibia resection and megaprosthesis

  • Popliteal fossa dissection

  • Proximal humerus resection and megaprosthesis

  • Upper limb - how to perform a bone biopsy, curettage, burring / cementing/ bone grafting

Workshop fees

Early Bird Special Before 1st June 2023

  • 1 Day only - SGD$1,000

  • 2 Days - SGD$1,500

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