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1st SingHealth Sarcoma and Skin Symposium

The symposium aims to address all aspects of the management of sarcomas and advanced skin malignancies, which will equip a multidisciplinary team with the necessary skills and know-how to set up a service for the management of this disease as well as keep up to date with research in this area.

CME and CNE points currently applied for.

International Faculty

Organising Committee

Symposium Program

Hybrid view

* Programme subjected to changes

Day 1 - 19 July 2023: Spotlight on Sarcomas in Adults

0800 – 0810

Opening and Welcome Speech

Professor William Hwang, National Cancer Centre Singapore

The Global Unmet Need for Excellence in Sarcoma Management

0810 – 0850​​

Priorities and Strategies in Setting up a Comprehensive Sarcoma Centre

Dr Marco Fiore, Instituto Nazionale Tumori, Italy


Dr Claramae Chia

(National Cancer Centre Singapore) &

Dr Cheong Wai Kit

(National University Hospital)

0850 – 0930

Surgical Management of Retroperitoneal Sarcomas: Oncological and Functional Outcome of Extended Resection

Dr Dirk Strauss, The Royal Marsden, UK

0930 – 0940

Q & A

0940 – 1020

Challenges in the Systemic Treatment of Sarcomas and Global Access to Clinical Trials

Dr Alona Zer, Rambam Health Care Campus, Israel

1020 – 1100​​

Unresectable Sarcomas: Japanese Experience using Protons and Carbon Ions with Bioabsorbable Spacer

Dr Yusuke Demizu, HIBMC Kobe Proton Center, Japan

1100 – 1130

Tea Break

Photograph session

Limb Sarcomas


Dr Suraya Zainul-Abidin 

(Singapore General Hospital) &

Dr Lester Chan

(Tan Tock Seng Hospital)

1130 – 1210

Enhancing Surgery of Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas

Dr Peter Choong, Hugh Devine Professor of Surgery, St Vincent's Hospital, Australia

1210 – 1250

Diagnosis and Treatment of Bone Tumours

Dr Yang Zuozhang, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University (Yunnan Cancer Hospital), China

1250 – 1300​

Q & A

1300 – 1330​

1330 – 1345​

1345 – 1400​




  1. My Journey with Sarcoma - A Story of Hope
    Ms Nur Atika Razak, facilitated by Ms Emily Tan, National Cancer Centre Singapore (20mins)

  2. Translating the clinic to the lab and back again - All Hands on Deck!
    Dr Valerie Yang, National Cancer Centre Singapore & Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR (20mins)

Breakout Option 1: For Physicians/Researchers

1400 – 1420

Suspicious Lumps and Bumps - When should a Community Practitioner be worried?
Dr Johnny Ong, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Pearls to Diagnose Soft Tissues Sarcomas on Imaging
Dr Chan Wan Ying, National Cancer Centre Singapore


Pathological Analysis of Common Sarcomas
Dr Sathiyamoorthy Selvarajan, Singapore General Hospital


Tea Break

Multidisciplinary Case Discussions in Sarcoma
Chairperson: Dr Johnny Ong, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Facilitator:      Dr Tan Boon Fei


Dr Wong Ru Xin

(National Cancer Centre Singapore) &

Dr Victor Lee

(National University Hospital)

1400 – 1420

Breakout Option 2: For Nursing, Allied Health and Caregivers

1400 – 1420

CRS & HIPEC ERAS Program in SPRinT
Dr Seo Chin Jin, Singapore General Hospital


The Role of Nutrition for ERAS Patients
Mr Tan Lee Boo, Singapore General Hospital


Post-Surgery Care: What to look out for!
Ms Sahara, Singapore General Hospital


Tea Break

Management of Complex Wounds
Ms Ong Choo Eng, Singapore General Hospital


Palliative Wound Care
Ms Liao Kehua, National Cancer Centre Singapore


SGH Transitional Home Care Programme
Ms Haslinda, Singapore General Hospital


Occupational Therapy for Bone Cancer Patients
Ms Wang Lei, Kunming Medical University, China

1440 – 1500

1500 – 1530

1530 – 1730

1420 – 1440

1440 – 1500

1500 – 1530

1530 – 1550

1550 – 1610

1610 – 1630

1630 – 1650

Day 2 - 20 July 2023:   Spotlight on Paediatric Sarcomas and Skin Cancers

Paediatric Sarcomas

Dr Looi Wen Shen

National Cancer Centre Singapore

0800 – 0845

0845 – 0930​​

Common Paediatric Sarcoma Cases and their Surgical Management
Dr Amos Loh, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Multidisciplinary Care of Children with Sarcoma
Dr Soh Shui Yen, KK Women's and Children's Hospital


Dr Valerie Yang
National Cancer Centre Singapore

0930 – 0945

0945 – 1000​​

Q & A

Surveillance and Identification of High-Risk Lesions
Dr Oh Choon Chiat, Singapore General Hospital

1000 – 1030​​

Optimal Use and Integration of Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy for Melanoma
Dr Chong Wan Qin, National University Hospital

1030 – 1100

Unresectable and Metastatic Melanoma: A Surgeon’s Role

Dr Claramae Chia, National Cancer Centre Singapore

1100 – 1130​​

Tea Break
Photograph session

Common Non-Melanoma Skin Malignancies
Dr Martin Chio 
National Skin Centre &
Dr Wong Ru Xin
National Cancer Centre Singapore

1130 – 1215​​

1215 – 1230​​

1230 – 1245​​

Role of Radiotherapy Modalities in Skin Malignancies (Recorded Talk)

Dr Barker Christopher, Memorial Sloan Kettering

Multidisciplinary Management of Squamous Cell Carcinomas: Current Paradigm and the Way Forward
Dr Nagavalli Somasundaram, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Skin malignancies - How Wide Should Resections Go?
Dr Jolene Wong, Singapore General Hospital

1245 – 1300

Complex Reconstruction After Wide Resection of Sarcoma and Skin Malignancies
Dr Chew Khong Yik, Singapore General Hospital

1300 – 1320​​

Pathology and molecular diagnostics of melanomas and common skin malignancies

Dr Cheo Fan Foon, Singapore General Hospital

1320 – 1330​​

1330 – 1400

1400 – 1500

Q & A


Talk: A Primer on Serious Illness Conversations for Cancers
Lien Centre for Palliative Care

Dr Alethea Yee and Dr Chiang Jian Bang

Unique Needs in Sarcomas and Skin Cancers
Dr Valerie Yang

National Cancer Centre Singapore &

Dr Nisha Suyien Chandran

National University Hospital

1500 – 1520​​

1520 – 1540​​

1540 – 1600

1600 – 1620​​

1620 – 1730​​

1620 – 1730​​


Sarcomas and Skin Cancers in Adolescent Young Adults
Dr Eileen Poon, National Cancer Centre Singapore

How Useful is Cancer Genetics in the Clinical Management of Sarcomas and Skin Cancers?
Dr Chiang Jianbang, National Cancer Centre Singapore

You Do Not Have to Journey Alone - Finding Support for Persons Living with Sarcomas and Skin Cancers
Ms Emily Tan, National Cancer Centre Singapore &
Mrs Wendy Tan-Kuah, Singapore Sarcoma Support Group

Tea Break

Breakout Option 1: For Physicians 

Facilitator:  Dr Nick Shannon

Multidisciplinary Case Discussions in Skin Cancers 


Dr Wong Ru Xin, National Cancer Centre Singapore.

Dr Nagavalli Somasundaram, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Breakout Option 2: For Researchers and Clinician Scientists

Poster Presentations of Abtracts

Symposium Close

Entry Fee

Early Bird Special Before 16 June 2023
1 day only - S$150
2 days - S$250

Normal Price After 16 June 2023
1 day only - S$180
2 days - S$300

Abstract Submission


16 June 2023, 1159pm

  • Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

  • Changes may not be made after the deadline.

  • Successful poster abstracts will be notified by email on 30 June 2023

  • Submit to: with title: Abstract/Poster: "Title" + "Name"

Abstract Guidelines

  • The topic submitted must be sarcoma or skin cancer-related. Interesting case reports and posters of educational value will be considered.

  • Each abstract should contain (a) an introductory sentence indicating the purpose of the study; (b) a brief description of pertinent experimental procedures; (c) a summary of new, unpublished data; and (d) a statement of the conclusions.

  • The combined length of the abstract title and body may not exceed 250 words, not including spaces and the author string.

  • Submission cannot be completed for abstracts that exceed this limit.

  • Please include email address during submission of abstracts

Poster Guidelines

  • Posters will be displayed electronically at the conference. Best poster awards and prizes will be presented to the winners at the end of the conference.

  • Dimensions:   1086px x 1677px or 15" x 23.292" (Portrait Orientation)

  • File Format:    PNG or JPG

  • File Size:           < 950kb

  • Recommended minimum font size:    14

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